It lights a mini brawl, there’s always that stretcher with Dzemaili takes the admonition. Srna is booked for (it will also Pellegrini), Cagliari try pareggiarla Joao Pedro but the head still is the magic of Skorupski that saves the result. The only jolt because the Sardinians lose balance.

In fact, then, it is only Bologna, there Dzemaili in all actions, roll, serving, look for the assist, but before there Cragno or error buddy (Ursu shoots bad, the best opportunity), but 32 ‘Roberto Soriano, served by former mate Villarreal Samson, is the first goal in red and blue jersey and this time inside the Cragno area can do nothing. The Bologna closes it as well. In Cagliari, who has no strength to fight back, returns are recorded in field Thereau and Birsa.

They will be useful for a challenge that will be essential to take Friday points to Sardinia Arena with Fiorentina. For Bologna the next challenge is del Toro with the return of the house Mihajlovic against the team that was his. But which will try to hurt.

The transformation asking Lucio Dalla in the Year of the future (the final soundtrack happy at the stadium) must be completed. From our network: Maran: “Until the rigor we did not hurt. At the end of the frenzied …”.

Soriano: “Three important points, wonderful day for all of us.” Samson: “Finally a home win. Thanks to the fans for the support.” Pulgar: “Victory group, we did well to close the game.” From our correspondent Francesco Velluzzi

February 17, 2019 – lapresse empoli Empoli closes its longest losing streak by beating with a net 3 to 0 Sassuolo. For the Iachini team is the first success in 2019. Three precious points in the delicate battle salvation. The star Krunic author of a goal from the cover but also positive evidence of Farias and Bennacer. Disappointing performance instead of De Zerbi training.

Never in the match. The Sassuolo hard from the first minute and Iachini team took advantage. Empoli went close to scoring with Krunic that hits the crossbar after a perfect touch of Di Lorenzo. The Bosnian midfielder made no mistake aim to 34 ‘. Krunic part from his own half.

Burn meters of field and opponents into the area and insult Councils with a lovely touch. A real magic. The Sassuolo can not power on. Even after the disadvantage. Empoli, however, does not lift off the accelerator and doubles to 37 ‘. Farias from the bottom located Acquah that insult Councils.

A 1:00 to 2:00 deadly. De Zerbi invites her team to wake up. And at the close of time to arrive the first flash with Sensi that hit the post. But the action was stopped for offside Babacar. second time – coach Sassuolo inserted at the beginning of the second half and Bourabia Berardi.

But Emilian trot without inspiration. Babacar arrives late on a couple of interesting bearers. Taking unnerve De Zerbi. It’s a Sassuolo with little hunger and lack of desire. Empoli instead each time starts a counterattack creates dangerous situations.

At 15 ‘comes the third goal of the blues. Delicious the Bennacer assists for controlling Farias, into the area and beat Councils. A restart textbook.

Iachini on 3 to 0 also gives room for some bench warmer. Space, then La Gumina, absent from the match against Inter, where he accused a muscle problem. The Sassuolo touches the goal of the flag with Locatelli. Dragowski is attentive and deflects for a corner.

Positive also the behavior of the Polish goalkeeper arrived in the winter market from Fiorentina. Empoli close the match without conceding a goal. It happened for twenty games.

From our Network, Iachini: “Salvation? We believe” De Zerbi: “We apologize, the worst performance of the season” THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV From our correspondent Luca Calamai

January 7, 2019 – Milan Wanda Nara, wife and attorney Mauro Icardi. Getty Back to the past to give prosecutors cleans up at last. The reform is now modeled and bring back into vogue the figure Fifa agent, along with other important news.

Order – After the disastrous deregulation of April 2015 (last Blatter gift), FIFA Gianni Infantino is working to restore order in a sector always been the target of criticism because of some (or many) is that the financial excesses ethical. The positive side is that from April the top of world football have opened a discussion with the highest representatives of the category, reaching a draft agreement by July that will become official and will come into force ahead of the summer session of 2020.

In recent months there have been various meetings in Zurich and other European locations including those responsible dell’apposita Fifa committee and representatives dell’Efaa (European Football Agents Association), chaired by Dutchman Rob Jansen. This organism for more than 10 years represents almost all of the national associations of agents in Europe as well as some of the most relevant worldwide as Argentina Brazil, and Japan.

The first contacts were not easy, as the hawks pressing for drastic restrictions on the work of the class. No coincidence that on several occasions have emerged journalistic rumors speculated that strict rules to limit the profits of intermediaries. Along the way, however, the dialogue has led to more balanced conclusions for all, encouraged the spirit of cooperation shown by the agents.

In Dubai there’s just been an important part of Globe Soccer panel who took part Zvone Boban (deputy secretary Fifa), Fabio Guild (in charge of the technical area of ​​Juve) and Giovanni Branchini (Vice-President EFAA) . The occasion was emphasized the importance of the role of agents not only to the transfer market, but also for the training of athletes. Argentina, Wanda taming the mechanical bull: “With me, nothing could” POINTS – but here are the highlights of almost upon renewal.

1) With the return of the register Fifa all the representatives of players will have to take an exam and submit the rules for the category and periodic refresher training. So even relatives will have to adapt to these rules in order to play a role: for example also Wanda Nara will take the license to manage Mauro Icardi …

2) In the future the fees for agents become public, indicating the numbers of each transaction . Instead now the clubs provide only aggregated data that does not allow to know specifically the amount of relations with each consultant. 3) The agents were given the willingness to establish a roof to their compensation if this criterion should also be applied to other professionals of calcium.

4) If the system is launched roofs to fees, prosecutors also contribute to the solidarity fund with which Fifa branded clubs donate 5% of the money collected for the sale of players to clubs which have raised them. 5) FIFA will set up a clearing house (clearing house) which will record all transactions and can then monitor the relationship between clubs, athletes and agents. It is a basic requirement for any measures.

6) The Reformers also photographed the phenomenon of abnormal amounts of payment to the families of young players. In this regard we intend to operate controls to prevent unscrupulous individuals ‘acquire’ proxies at a young age, jeopardizing the careers of budding talents, exposing them to excessive pressure. Carlo Laudisa  @ carlolaudisa

February 4, 2019 – Milan Mauro Icardi, 25 years. Lapresse In the battle lost at home to Bologna was among the worst, it took only a minute to realize it would be a difficult night saw how (not) took the opportunity on the Poli gift, shortly after the start of the match . Mauro Icardi has not appeared before the microphones, but has given his thoughts in a post on Instagram and Twitter after the sixth defeat of the season in Serie A. Inter Milan Player Ratings: deflated team. Ranocchia striker, escapism No backlash, only the desire to try to get out of this difficult time, “Accept willingly the difficulties and obstacles as important steps on the ladder of success” wrote the Argentine, but in the second part of the post has trimmed a “sting” to the Nerazzurri fans, players sound of boos throughout the game: “If you love her when you lose, do not love it when he wins.” Yesterday at San Siro there were just over 51,000 spectators, the public discontent have already emerged for the first difficulties at the start of the race and Spalletti after the game commented: “The whistles they had already felt at this stage, I’ve got it I am taken anywhere in career and do not effect me.